Classement du 20 août 1995

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Ce classement du 20 août 1995 reflète la popularité des singles les plus écoutés et vendus sur une semaine. Il permet ainsi de renseigner avec la meilleure représentativité possible.

Classement des tubes en France

1THE CRANBERRIESOde to my family93
2DIANA KINGShy guy111
3ALLIANCE ETHNIKSimple & funky112
4DES'REEYou gotta be256
5THE CONNELLS'74-'75179
6BRYAN ADAMSHave you ever really loved a woman?164
7NIGHTCRAWLERSPush the feeling on125
8THE BUCKETHEADSThe bomb! (these sounds fall into my mind)148
9AXELLE REDLe monde tourne mal1211
11SACRED SPIRITYeha-noha (wishes of happiness and prosperity)813
12PINK FLOYDWish you were here [live]810
13SCATMAN JOHNScatman's world417
14ROMAN PHOTOSounds of summer812
15WHIGFIELDThink of you816
16BERNARD LAVILLIERS & JIMMY CLIFFMelody tempo harmony527
17E-TYPEThis is the way1014
18U2Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me1019
19MIKE & THE MECHANICSOver my shoulder2315
20MN8If you only let me in921
21MELLOWMAN La voie du mellow730
22LA BOUCHEBe my lover2018
23MICHAEL JACKSONYou are not alone331
25BOYZ II MENThank you443
26FREDERICKS, GOLDMAN & JONESPas toi [live]1522
27CELINE DIONPour que tu m'aimes encore2425
28BRUCE SPRINGSTEENSecret garden1423
29EAST 17Hold my body tight448
30ANNIE LENNOXA whiter shade of pale542
31PORTRAITHow deep is your love641
32RAPPIN' 4-TAY feat. THE SPINNERSI'll be around436
33ALI CAMPBELLThat look in your eye635
34JIMMY CLIFF feat. LEBO M.Hakuna matata1928
35LIVEI alone638
36SCATMAN JOHNScatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)2029
37NIRVANAThe man who sold the world [unplugged]1724
38DR. DREKeep their heads ringin'370
39BOB MARLEYKeep on moving1633
40SUPREME NTMLa fièvre1240
41BON JOVIThis ain't a love song1439
42URBAN SPECIES feat. M.C. SOLAARListen826
43FOO FIGHTERSThis is a call544
44ROD STEWARTYou're the star1346
45NIGHTCRAWLERS feat. JOHN REIDSurrender your love853
46NOAI don't know455
47RICORub a dub style1634
49ISAAC HAYESFragile473
50MAXIME LE FORESTIERPasser ma route1447
51NIRVANAWhere did you sleep last night? [unplugged]274
52MASTERBOYGeneration of love283
53MONTELL JORDANThis is how we do it357
55CHRIS ISAAKSomebody's crying1150
56CHARLES & EDDIEI'm gonna love you (24-7-365)1749
57DUKESo in love with you [Pizzaman radio friendly vibe]372
58R.E.M.Strange currencies278
60MADONNAHuman nature563
61REAL McCOYLove & devotion552
62L'AFFAIRE LOUIS TRIOLe meilleur des mondes464
63JOHNNY HALLYDAYNe m'oublie pas1NEW
64FRANCKY VINCENTFruit de la passion365
65HOLEDoll parts1259
66SHERYL CROWLeaving Las Vegas832
67NO SE feat. MENELIKQuelle aventure !2156
68IAM & DADDY NUTTEALa 25ème image754
69SEALKiss from a rose1NEW
70BOBBY BROWNTwo can play that game [K klassic radio mix]1058
71BROWNSTONEIf you love me2461
72LA BOUCHE Fallin' in love282
73RENAUDLe sirop de la rue376
74FABEÇa fait partie de mon passé768
76ST. ETIENNE DAHOJungle pulse280
77GILLETTEMr. personality671
79JOHNNY HALLYDAYJe la croise tous les matins1366
80BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERSEasy skanking285
81WEEZERBuddy Holly288
82TAKE THATNever forget294
83LES SCHTROUMPFSNo no no no limit286
84LAURENT VOULZYRockollection [live]1079
86E-ROTICFred come to bed1181
87SISTER QUEENLet me be a drag queen1NEW
88OFFSPRINGGotta get away392
89FAITH NO MOREEvidence662
90GREEN DAYWhen I come around475
92PET SHOP BOYSPaninaro '951NEW
95BEA BAJe l'aime comme je mens2100
96THE CHIEFTAINS with STINGMo ghile mear1NEW
97FREAK POWERTurn on, tune in, cop out2984
98TAKE THATBack for good2167
100PEARL JAMImmortality1NEW

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